Adherence to the Game Jam's theme: In line with the idea of "genre without mechanic", we opted to make a platformer where the player can´t move using the traditional left/right/jump movements. In our game, the player must navigate the obstacles using a "launch" mechanic, much like a slingshot. 

Precision and speed are key to reach the end in this fast-paced game.

Featured in Game Makers Toolkit's channel (at 4:58)

About the Game

Have you ever wondered about what really goes on in the deepest layers of the Earth? Most of us seem to believe the center of the Earth contains nothing but stone and darkness, but it might not be as different from our world as you think.

Elemental beings made of magma form societies much like ours, and - as we know all too well - where rules exist, conflict is bound to emerge. Cali, a young magma elemental reached a turning point in her life: the time has come for her escape, running away from the clutches of the rigid society that surrounds her.

It is your mission to guide Cali through this platformer inside a raging volcano and help her reach the summit which she always dreamed of seeing. But wait, there’s a twist! Cali can’t be controlled like a normal platformer character. Being unable to walk or jump, the young magma spirit can only move through impulses from her elemental powers, which, in turn, must be recharged by the volcano’s energy.

Will you be able to help Cali experience a whole new world, or will she have to go back to being just another flame burning closer to extinction?


Mouse - Click and Drag
P - Pause/Unpause

Use your mouse to slingshot Cali into the air by clicking and dragging, but be careful! You'll only be able to do it again after coming in contact with one of the platforms, so aim carefully and bounce away!


Game Designers
André Ruiz
Bernardo Gadelha
João Victor Galindo 

Daniel Oliveira
Lucas Lima
Rafael Assunção

Sound Designer/Composer
Bernardo Gadelha

Michelle Santiago

Special thanks to every member from Prisma Game Lab, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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TOP game. Did you produced something out of it? we can see it?


I don't know if ur still working on this game but I'm sure this game has much potential for mobile, it'll be very great if u will launch it for mobile eventually =) 


I agree mobile would fit perfectly! We are actually developing something new based on this game, so if you'd like to know more, please follow us on Twitter!


very fun game!!!!!


vai BR!